"personalize your life"

About Glad Monogram Creations

Glad Monogram Creations was created in my home in 1995.  This was my first business venture, I then featured some embroidery in my store, "Uniforms Etc." when I purchased that in 2007.  To this day, I still do the embroidery in my home.  I have two machines, one weighing over 800 pounds.  I always say, " I was there to see it go in, I don't want to be there to see it go out".  I do all of the embroidery myself and check everything before it leaves my hands.   I have the honor of being the most experienced embroiderer in the Illinois Valley Area.

I have over 32,000 designs and have access to thousands of other designs.  

If you don't have a logo, I can help you create one.  If you have a logo that is specific for your company or business, I can get it digitized to be ready for my embroidery machines. 

Along with designs, I have access to just about any garment/hat/bag or whatever you would like.   I can embroider on just about anything.  I do allow customers to bring items for me to embroider.  I do look at the item first to see if I am able to embroider it.

I  have hundreds of accounts in the area.  I have done embroidery for many well known companies, medical professionals, and  businesses in the area.

Some of my embroidery has gone as far as Germany and Italy....amazing!

I am still totally fascinated with the embroidery concept.  When I have a new design that I am doing for a first time customer, I still find myself standing there at the machines to watch it sew out.

 I can embroider on just about anything including:

-T-shirts                 -Hats

-Hoodies               -Gym bags

-Sweatshirts         -Jackets

-Zip ups                 -Medical  Scrubs

-Polo shirts            -Baby items

-Wedding items and more

-The item that I can embroider are limitless...….

…...and yes, I did embroider the name of a Soldier on the American Flag.  It was for Memorial Day  several years ago and was flown at the cemetery in Spring Valley.

I can embroider from 1 special item to 500 + items.  I work with schools to help  with fundraisers and have done many Bridal parties.  The picture above are long sleeved shirts that I embroidered for a Bridal party to wear while they were getting hair and makeup done. 

No job is too small or too big!

Do you need something embroidered?

If you are thinking about having something embroidered or do need something embroidered, let me know.

You can stop in my store, Uniforms Etc., call, or email. 

If you have a logo, email the logo and I can get a free quote for digitizing it.

Any questions about embroidery, let me know.  I will be Glad to answer all questions.